Britcoin Guides Easy guides on how to use Britcoin

How to get started with Britcoin

Joining the Britcoin network is super simple. There are multiple ways to store, send and receive Britcoins. This includes desktop, mobile and paper wallets.

For first time users we suggest you download the Britcoin desktop wallet. Once you have downloaded and installed the Britcoin client it will automatically begin to sync with the network, this may take awhile depending on your computer's resource availability. Even while your client is syncing you can generate as many Britcoin wallet addresses as you like. Before receiving any transactions we recommend you encrypt and password protect your wallet. Remember that this password can not be recovered so do not forget it.

Britcoin wallet addresses will look similar to this: BE2f1j5o7nNJgZ7igteRPsJQvu9VDnZ35K - Every wallet address is unique and is only accessible with a private key associated with that wallet address. Using the desktop wallet your addresses and private keys are stored locally in a file called wallet.dat. It is recommended to keep regular backups of your wallet.dat file as if you lose it or it becomes corrupt you may lose access to your coins.

Once you've downloaded the desktop wallet it's now time to obtain some Britcoin. You can do this by checking out our Buy and sell Britcoin guide or visiting our Buy / Sell page where you can choose between the different options. You can still receive transactions while your wallet is syncing, but they will not be spendable until your wallet is fully synced with the network.