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  • Multi-platform wallets

    The Britcoin wallet is freely available on a number of systems; including Windows, MacOSX and Linux.
  • Open-Source community

    Britcoin is a 100% Open-Source project meaning anyone can review our code and verify network security.
  • Easy and simple exchange

    Buying and selling Britcoin is easy. Click here to view the different ways you can easily exchange Britcoin.

Network Value Britcoin in numbers

Available Supply

This is the total number of coins currently available on the Britcoin network.

Current Price


The current market value of 1 BRIT
(weighted average from multiple exchanges).

Market Cap


The total value of the Britcoin network.
(measured by multiplying the supply and last price).

Britcoin is peer-to-peer digital currency for the United Kingdom




Free to use

Private & Secure